About Polis Institute

Grow Opportunity

We propel meaningful social impacts in cities. Polis Institute guides stakeholders in equitable community development and urban revitalization. 

Polis Institute works directly with communities and consults for philanthropies, nonprofits, investors, and government agencies.

Our community engagement & planning services and our rich research and evaluation elevate the work of partners and clients in generating urban revitalization outcomes that improve people’s lives.

With over ten years of ground experience, we offer unparalleled community planning and engagement services that empower stakeholders to put people first in creating community plans and solutions with high impact equitable results. Our actionable research and evaluation services deliver pivotal insights for decision-making, strategic planning, and implementation.

Our areas of expertise in place-based work include community planning, urban housing, economic redevelopment, economic mobility, healthcare, education, early childhood education & childcare access, and career advancement.

Polis Institute emphasizes working with stakeholders whose investments and initiatives are intended to positively impact historically marginalized people of color.