Polis Institute

Equity and Equality by Dignified Design

Polis is dedicated to amplifying equity and justice in urban communities. Through data with dignity, community empowerment, and collaborative engagement, we deliver on transformation for all. At Polis Institute we champion solutions that generate meaningful opportunities for equitable revitalization. We work primarily with historically African American and Latino urban communities to propel change. Our work in communities leads to generational equity and long-term investment based on core principles of true equality.

Polis Institute enables people living in urban communities, foundations, investors, and leaders to co-create meaningful strategies that build real paths of justice, equity, equality and opportunity. From tackling entrenched poverty to reversing under-resourced community investment, and overcoming achievement gaps, we know how to guide the identification and execution of solutions that work. 

What We Do

Place-Based Equity Solutions: We work with stakeholders in communities to define the right solution to elevate revitalization while creating equitable opportunities. Place based work means engaging with residents from the start and through the entirety of revitalization. Place based means identifying solutions, but offering them for collaborative implementation in a culturally specific context that matters to the people most affected. Place based means creating alternatives to tyranny by zipcode so that no matter where a person is born in the United States they have an equal opportunity to excel. As a nation, it’s time to shift the dynamics of our cities to make every zip code a birthplace of equal access.

To deliver on zipcode equity, Polis Institute uses an evidence-based toolkit that expands local leadership capacity and creates pipelines for access to education, employment, and housing options which make all the difference. We do more than deliver results though, we measure impacts. Our research and evaluation capabilities give our partners real time insights and long term data on what truly makes a difference in urban equity creation.

The three point approach of leadership amplification, access pipelines, and outcomes measurement generates sustainable community transformation that builds generational pathways of equity.

Overcoming systemic injustice and structural racism to create equity paths within Black and Brown communities takes courage, collaboration, and skill – we deliver on each. Find out more by getting in touch today.