The Best Team to Be On

Team Polis is filled with people passionate about making sure that every urban neighborhood is vibrant and thriving. We help overturn inequality and inequity faced by urban communities. We help communities create neighborhood change.

Polis Institute’s work creates a better tomorrow. We are a social research company based in strong community engagement.

We bring rich data and great people together to create change that counts.

Polis Institute genuinely advances racial and economic justice in cities. People who work at Polis make a truly positive impact toward the dream of genuine equity and equal opportunity for people of every background.

Our company values are equity, dignity, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and compassion. If you share these values, love making a difference, and have the skills and attitude to go with it, join us!

We’re hiring! To be contacted by a hiring manager complete the interest form. Or apply directly to open positions.

At Polis we don’t just talk about inclusion and diversity we work that way too.

The Polis team is made up of people of all ages, ethnicities. We are a gender-balanced workplace. We are an LGBTQ-affirming workplace. And we are a multi-ethnic work team.

All of our team members are mentored and given valuable guidance in career development. Also, we’re fun. As in super fun. Changing the world is hard work. But it’s better when you do the work alongside amazing people who know how to manage challenges and keep growing toward impact.

You won’t find any Corporate Natalie/ the Office skit-worthy situations in play here. You will find a team to grow with in all the best ways. Learn more today!

Jobs that promote brighter futures for all communities