Data Gallery

Opportunity Index

Where are investments in equitable opportunity most needed? Which neighborhoods are facing the toughest challenges?

Polis Institute’s Opportunity Index dashboards give clear insights into place-based disparities. The Opportunity Index dashboard offers people accessible views of where solutions are most urgently called for. These dashboards are built with place-based parameters so that communities can make sense of their unique socio-economic issues and work to address them. See what Forsyth County and Central Florida Indexes show about the gaps and possibilities in economic and social equity.

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a pressing problem across America. Polis Institute designs interactive maps to give community members direct functionality for locating food pantries. At the same time, these maps offer providers and policymakers information on existing resources and gaps in food access.

Community Story Maps

Story maps are a powerful tool to guide public conversations about important initiatives. Polis Institute’s story maps give community members and collaborative stakeholders a vibrant tool to share new ideas, tell stories, and design for the future.

Impact Dashboards

The goal of every initiative is to have a positive impact. But what is and isn’t working can easily go unchecked without measurement. Impact Dashboards are a critical tool for tracking outcomes in the short and long term. From public sentiment to socio-economic outcomes, impact dashboards are essential to understanding what’s happening and what to do about it.