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An agile approach to community revitalization

Every person deserves access to opportunities and pathways to prosperity. Yet we know that in far too many communities, people don’t have access to social and economic mobility. Together we can change that. 

The solution: Neighborhood Opportunity Initiatives create long term economic prosperity, health equity, mixed income housing, and education to career access for historically underserved neighborhoods. It’s a powerful approach to creating enduring solutions that contribute to giving all people access to opportunity no matter where they are born. 

Why it works: Neighborhood Opportunity Initiatives work because they fuse together evidence based strategies, agile tactics, and the key ingredient of people power that comes from creating strong partnerships within neighborhoods. By focusing on neighborhood level results over issues or abstracts, the Neighborhood Opportunity Initiative model ensures durable buy-in from community residents who are the most vital key to meaningful and sustainable change.

How it works: Energized stakeholders agree to focus resources and capacity within a chosen neighborhood. The Neighborhood Opportunity Initiative is established and carried out in full alignment with community residents who are active participants. Working in collaboration to achieve big impacts, an initiative’s partners choose shared goals and coordinate their activities to effect change.


Economic Impact There was a 2.16x rate of return for every dollar spent on Polis Institute’ss work in Eatonville.

New Investments: $25K directly invested by new sources into Eatonville as a result of Polis’s collaborative work.

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East Winter Garden

Economic Impact: Polis Institute had a 1.9x rate of return for every dollar spent on our East Winter Garden work.

New Investments: +$75K directly invested into East Winter Garden related to Polis’s community work.

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West Lakes

Economic Impact: Every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in West Lakes had a 1.7x rate of economic return.

New Investments: $9.125 Million new investments into West Lakes as a result of Polis Institute’s work.

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Economic Impact: Polis Institute’s phase one of work in Parramore had a 1.9x rate of economic return.

New Investments: +$25 new investments into Parramore in Polis Institute’s first year of community work.

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