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Every person deserves access to opportunities and pathways to prosperity. Yet we know that in far too many communities, people don’t have access to social and economic mobility. At Polis Institute we work with changemakers who care about making big impacts that matter.

Polis Institute partners with communities and change champions to apply people-based data-savvy solutions.

Our work puts economic gains directly into the hands of the people living in low-income neighborhoods. And our work transfers knowledge directly into neighborhood leadership ensuring sustainable outcomes for generations.

Our methods prioritize the voices of people in Black and Brown urban neighborhoods. We elevate the capacity of neighborhood members to be at the table for change. We guide investors and other stakeholders to pursue actions that are equity building and community-based.

When the people closest to the issues are at the heart of solutions real change and big opportunity is possible.

All over America, communities, municipalities, foundations, and businesses that care are wondering the same thing. Why is it that after decades of trying, so little has actually changed when it comes to closing the wealth gap? Why is it that educational attainment, healthcare outcomes, and housing obstacles remain so challenging in primarily Black and Brown neighborhoods? The answer is actually simple. Rarely do initiatives center the people most impacted as the heart of the solution. But at Polis we exactly center community members to be the heart of change.

For people and institutions that are serious about racial and economic equity, it’s time to go big on methods that get results. That’s what Polis is all about. IDEAL change and real outcomes.

The IDEAL: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accountability, and Leadership are woven into every process and practice at Polis.

Urban revitalization with no IDEALs leads to gentrification which harms everyone. With a guiding IDEAL, every project, every initiative, can be part of a revitalization network. The IDEAL method means whole communities rise into opportunity.

Why it works: The Polis way of placing neighborhood members at the heart of solutions works because it means there’s a continual involvement, continual knowledge transfer, and continual uplift in the places we work.

Want to know more about what IDEAL community revitalization looks like in action? Read our case studies to see what neighborhoods are doing to grow enduring opportunities.


Economic Impact There was a 2.16x rate of return for every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in Eatonville.

Community: $25K directly invested by new sources into Eatonville as a result of Polis’s collaborative work.

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East Winter Garden

Economic Impact: Polis Institute had a 1.9x rate of return for every dollar spent on our East Winter Garden work.

Community: +$75K directly invested into East Winter Garden related to Polis’s community work.

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West Lakes

Economic Impact: Every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in West Lakes had a 1.7x rate of economic return.

Community: $9.125 Million new investments into West Lakes as a result of Polis Institute’s work.

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Economic Impact: Polis Institute’s phase one of work in Parramore had a 1.9x rate of economic return.

Community: +$25K new direct community investments into Parramore in Polis Institute’s first year of community work.

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