Neighborhood Opportunity Initiative

Orlando, Florida

Economic Impact: Polis Institute’s phase one of work in Parramore had a 1.9x rate of economic return.

New Investments: +$25 new investments into Parramore in Polis Institute’s first year of community work.


  • City of Orlando
  • Central Florida Regional Housing Trust
  • University of Central Florida
  • Valencia Community College

Solutions Toolkit:

  • Asset Mapping
  • Propel Leadership

About: There are several collaborations between the city, county, nonprofit, educational, and community member voices that have been an important part of shaping future-oriented community building in the Parramore in recent years.  In the summer of 2019, the University of Central Florida provided support to Polis Institute to create a dynamic data set that could be used by stakeholders across the collaboratives and which could support community members in identifying trends and information sets about their community. In early 2020 the Central Florida Regional Housing Trust provided Polis Institute with support to begin work on additional asset mapping and engagement building. The work of Polis Institute within the Parramore is designed to complement and amplify the many important initiatives and the ongoing dynamic work of stakeholders throughout the community.

Other Initiatives


Economic Impact There was a 2.16x rate of return for every dollar spent on Polis Institute’ss work in Eatonville.

New Investments: $25K directly invested by new sources into Eatonville as a result of Polis’s collaborative work.

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East Winter Garden

Economic Impact: Polis Institute had a 1.9x rate of return for every dollar spent on our East Winter Garden work.

New Investments: +$75K directly invested into East Winter Garden related to Polis’s community work.

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Economic Impact: Every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in West Lakes had a 1.7x rate of economic return.

New Investments: $9.125 Million new investments into West Lakes as a result of Polis Institute’s work.

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