Community Asset Mapping

Parramore Neighborhood, Orlando, Florida

Community Asset Mapping

In Parramore, a community of neighborhoods located in Orlando Florida, there are collaborations between the city, county, nonprofit, educational, and community members. Increasingly, these collaborations have been an important part of shaping future-oriented community building as redevelopment intensifies within the neighborhoods.

The University of Central Florida supported Polis Institute to create a dynamic data set that could be used by stakeholders across the collaboratives. Importantly the data dashboard was designed to empower community members to identify trends and information sets about their community.

The Central Florida Regional Housing Trust provided Polis Institute with support to begin work on additional asset mapping and engagement building. The work of Polis Institute within the Parramore is designed to complement and amplify the many important initiatives and the ongoing dynamic work of stakeholders throughout the community.

Polis Institute leveraged these partnerships to provide a series of community-based data-rich services in Parramore.

People First Engagement

  • How to Use Data workshops
  • Propel Leadership Mentoring
  • Grassroots Grantee Capacity Building

Rich Data Services 


Over thirty community residents participated in workshops to learn how to use sociodemographic data about their community. Residents were guided in applying for grassroots initiatives that introduced the fundamentals of grant proposal writing and grants management. A total of ten grant projects were funded, and community-based projects were completed within Parramore. One grantee went on to leverage their seed grant into a larger grant allowing the continuation of programming for the community alongside the growth of the resident’s entrepreneurial capacity. Another grantee has gone on to become a political candidate in local elections.

The community dashboard has been accessed and viewed thousands of times by residents and institutional stakeholders as revitalization continues and community solutions grow.

A total of $37K in direct community benefit dollars were generated through Polis Institute’s work.


  • City of Orlando
  • Central Florida Regional Housing Trust
  • Florida Blue
  • University of Central Florida
  • Valencia Community College

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