West Lakes

Neighborhood Opportunity Initiative

West Lakes Neighborhoods, Orlando Florida

Economic Impact: Every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in West Lakes had a 1.7x rate of economic return.

Community: $9.125 Million new investments into West Lakes as a result of Polis Institute’s work.


  • Lift Orlando
  • Florida Citrus Sports
  • West Lakes Partnership
  • AdventHealth; Orlando Health; Community Health Centers
  • City of Orlando
  • Purpose Built Communities

Solutions Toolkit:

  • Charrettes & Community Conversations
  • Asset Mapping
  • Community Survey
  • Place-Based Hiring
  • Propel Leadership Course
  • Asset Based Community Development Trainings
  • Measurement Accountability
  • Shared Goals w/in Collective Impact Frame

About: How do you create vibrant opportunities for under-resourced communities amidst prosperity initiatives for the broader City? In Orlando Florida, as a new stadium was completing, business leaders asked this very question. The result was Lift Orlando. A designated Purpose Built Community, Lift Orlando creates change by empowering community members and business leaders to work collectively to the greatest impact. In the interactive dashboard below, you can see how strategic steps have already created results. The dashboard also gives an overview of community level demographics. Lift Orlando works with West Lakes Partnership and a host of business, nonprofit, and civic partners to generate sustainable social justice and racial equity in the Communities of West Lakes. Polis Institute has provided action research and community engagement strategy work to the initiative since 2013.

Other Initiatives


Economic Impact There was a 2.16x rate of return for every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in Eatonville.

Community: $25K directly invested by new sources into Eatonville as a result of Polis’s collaborative work.

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East Winter Garden

Economic Impact: Polis Institute had a 1.9x rate of return for every dollar spent on our East Winter Garden work.

Community: +$75K directly invested into East Winter Garden related to Polis’s community work.

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Economic Impact: Polis Institute’s phase one of work in Parramore had a 1.9x rate of economic return.

Community: +$25K new direct community investments into Parramore in Polis Institute’s first year of community work.

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