East Winter Garden

Neighborhood Opportunity Initiative

City of Winter Garden, Florida

Economic Impact: Polis Institute had a 1.9x rate of return for every dollar spent on our East Winter Garden work.

New Investments: +$75K directly invested into East Winter Garden related to Polis’s community work.


  • West Orange Healthcare District
  • Healthy West Orange
  • City of Winter Garden

Solutions Toolkit:

  • Community Conversations
  • Asset Mapping
  • Community Survey
  • Place-Based Hiring: Engagement Ambassadors & Community Research Assistants
  • Propel Leadership Course
  • Measurement Accountability

Other Initiatives


Economic Impact There was a 2.16x rate of return for every dollar spent on Polis Institute’ss work in Eatonville.

New Investments: $25K directly invested by new sources into Eatonville as a result of Polis’s collaborative work.

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West Lakes

Economic Impact: Every dollar spent on Polis Institute’s work in West Lakes had a 1.7x rate of economic return.

New Investments: $9.125 Million new investments into West Lakes as a result of Polis Institute’s work.

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Economic Impact: Polis Institute’s phase one of work in Parramore had a 1.9x rate of economic return.

New Investments: +$25 new investments into Parramore in Polis Institute’s first year of community work.

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