Connection is the simplest way of referencing “social capital,” which is at the heart of solutions that work. At Polis Institute, we recognize that amplifying people’s connections makes every initiative, every investment, and every revitalization effort all the stronger.

The power of connection is too often overlooked by agencies, foundations, and policymakers seeking sustainable solutions to complex social and economic justice issues. But it’s only when we all account for the power of connection that we can create initiatives, redevelopment zones, and programs that truly generate opportunity and equity for all.

Polis Institute facilitates three models for connection touching essential audiences. We facilitate stronger, deeper, lasting connections among stakeholders,  minority nonprofit leaders, and families in diverse income communities.

Revitalization Networks – Connect people from diverse income communities, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits. Revitalization Networks are designed to empower people with shared goals to work together in actionable steps as they deliver on community-centered revitalization projects.

Strong Families Networks – Connect family members from diverse backgrounds to strengthen parent-child bonding through supported play and social activities. The Strong Families model enables parents to build their support networks while also enjoying time with their children. Generously funded by Florida Citrus Sports, Orange County, and private donors.

Black Nonprofit Leadership Network – Connects Black nonprofit leaders in spaces of trust and camaraderie. Network members convene quarterly to break bread, rejuvenate collectively, share learnings, and lean into a supportive restorative experience that grows their resilience in justice work. This network is generously funded by Wells Fargo.

Through qualitative feedback and impact measures, we’ve tracked how network models that structure connections between people have a lasting positive effect on outcomes that matter most in building more just and equitable communities.

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