Consulting services provided by Polis Institute give you the ability to work with dignity and impact in communities of color.

Often changemakers from government, philanthropic, community-based, and business entities have a clear understanding of what they want to accomplish in building racially equitable urban communities where economic growth benefits everyone. There can be challenges though, in implementing the processes and practices that generate big impact change.

We guide clients and partners in cultivating practices that embody respect and dignity for communities served every step of the way. We guide partners in learning how to elevate cross-cultural intelligence and framing processes with culturally appropriate methods.

Consulting services provided by Polis Include:

  • Culturally Informed Partnership Management (for Collective Impacts, Coalitions, Consortiums)
  • Culturally Informed Strategy Building
  • Community Engagement Planning
  • Community-Based Communication Practices
  • Participatory Funding Practices
  • Equity in Data Planning
  • Best Practices & Implementation Strategy Development 

Communities hardest hit by decades of discriminatory practices need more than new building or new funding streams. Black and Hispanic communities in the path of urban renewal deserve to be empowered. They need to be part of the change. Urban communities of color need to have the capacity and the tools to take a seat at decision-making tables. Communities of color have a right to want provide their insights on how they see their community’s future to take shape. Institutions working to bring equity-based revitalization often need guidance in ensuring that the communities they work with are part of the solutions.

Polis Insititute bridges the dignity-based expectations of communities with the intentions of institutional investors from government to philanthropy. Our groundwork experience building capacity in communities gives Polis Institute more than a decade of practice insight into what it means to work with communities in building high-impact outcomes based on trust, respect, and shared purpose.

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