Data and Research Inspiration

Data and Research

Are your decisions based on strong data? Does your data include what you truly need to excel at urban revitalization work?

Are you able to design policies, buildings, landscapes, or collective impact groups that create real and positive change?

Does your strategy include a rich and accurate balance of quantitative and qualitative data? Have you got a balance of big data and local information? We’ve got you covered.

We give builders, government agencies, foundations, and communities the tools and information that make true change possible. 

Data and Research Services

  • Asset Mapping 
  • Demographic, Economic, Geographic Data Sets
  • Social Impact Analysis 
  • Economic Impact Analysis 
  • Target Population Analysis 

Is your organization or initiative truly having an impact? Can you measure it?

The answers to these questions are what every donor, investor, planner, and changemaker wants to know. Polis Institute helps organizations and initiatives set up the infrastructure and process needed to measure and show their impact successfully.

Polis will work with your team to determine project-specific and nationally recognized metrics that ensure your efforts are backed by meaningful research.

Evaluation Services

  • Impact Evaluation
  • Strategy Evaluation 
  • Policy Evaluation 

For select partners, Polis Institute provides Developmental Evaluations. To engage this service organizations must have a theory of change, active outcomes, and formal processes. Developmental Evaluations require a three-year minimum commitment. This action-oriented evaluation is only suited to organizations with the time and dedication necessary to pursue evaluation recommendations and to genuinely test the merits of their change theory.

Other Services

Surveys in Cities


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