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Community Voices Strengthen Solutions

Engagement is at the heart of solutions that work to build social and economic opportunity. Polis Institute offers cities, nonprofits, foundations, and stakeholders pivotal services to fully engage, connect, and collaborate with community members. The best solutions are only effective when the people closest to the issues are part of the planning and vision for change.

With more than a decade of experience in proven engagement practices, Polis Institute is able to guide our partners through successful, high-impact, engagement processes.  We’ve executed over 3,000 community conversations, events, surveys, pop-ups, and outreach actions. The success of each stems from our expertise in public participation planning, our ability to collaborate effectively, and our ongoing commitment to fusing cultural knowledge with technological advances. Polis Institute’s engagement work covers:

  • Public Participation Plans & Community Engagement Plans
  • Door-to-door campaign consulting
  • Digital engagement campaigns
  • Charrettes & Convenings
  • Community-wide surveying
  • Interactive Storymapping 
  • Interactive Public Feedback Campaigns

We work closely with communities and partners to understand the audience and identify the right tools for connection. Strong public participation planning is used to generate a foundation for ongoing collaboration between the people closest to the issue and those supporting solutions. At its best, engagement does more than generate input and feedback. It sets the framework for the continued dialogue and participation necessary to ongoing successful implementation.



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