At Polis Institute we know that the path to racial and economic equity begins with community engagement.

Racial equity and economic equity are created and sustainably developed only when the people closest to the issues and obstacles are at the heart of the solutions.

As a result, engaging people in primarily African American, Latino, and minority-led communities is at the center of Polis Institute.

Engagement Services include delivery, management, and consulting in:

  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Community Campaigns & Partnership Building
  • Turn Out Drives
  • Enrollment Drives
  • Hiring Drives
  • Charrettes
  • Community Conversations

Polis Institute has a perfected combination of digital and in-person experiences that genuinely capture attention and bring people out. With more than ten years of ground game experience of filling tables with diverse voices, we’re a leader in the field because we precisely know how to work alongside community members.

The centerpiece of our strategy to engage communities is the Neighborhood Ambassador Network. With the IDEAL approach to identifying trusted community voices, we work with Trust Ambassadors to build a Neighborhood Ambassador Network that is effective and enduring.

We build great engagement for a variety of purposes including community-led social impact, planned redevelopment work, outreach, coalition partnership building, enrollment campaigns, DEI-based hiring drives, nonpartisan civic campaigns, and public awareness.

Polis Institute’s data management & analysis elevates the impact of all our work. Polis captures engagement results so you can leverage today’s engagement for tomorrow’s next steps. Inputs of charrettes, town halls, and community conversations can also be analyzed digitally for rapid insight delivery.

Other Services

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