Surveys in Cities


Polis Institute specializes in surveys that amplify local voices and give decision-makers clear insights that count. 

Survey Services

  • Surveys: door-to-door, event-based, mail, and digital formats
  • Survey question (instrument) development
  • Managing survey technologies
  • Identifying sample sizes and/ or target audiences
  • Analyzing results
  • Delivering results reports and presentations for a full spectrum of stakeholders


Community Surveys offer stakeholders insights on community-wide perspectives. From community health issues to community views on education this data is essential to understanding what is truly happening in households and what is truly meaningful for people.

Social Impact Investing Surveys allow foundations and funders to identify the social impact of their grant dollars within the communities served. A critical addition to evaluation work, this information result offers authentic feedback from people served by grant recipient agencies.

Social Impact Surveys give stakeholders the ability to identify how specific initiatives or policies are impacting intending beneficiaries. This service is suited to social policy creators and those with specific strategies for addressing social issues. These surveys elevate the ability to analyze theories of change.

Parks, Housing, Infrastructure, and Land-use Surveys offer developers and municipalities rapid analysis of community inputs on projects. This work samples selected constituencies for engaged feedback on upcoming public and private development projects. Polis Surveying is critical for stakeholders working in opportunity zones and historically minority communities.

Housing Stock Surveys generate quantifiable information on the state of housing structures. Using standard instruments of measure, these surveys outline the state of housing within given geographies. How many distressed, moderately declining, or stable buildings there for example can be determined by housing stock surveys. These surveys inventory the state of structures.

Community Solution Surveys are designed to give stakeholders a mechanism for gathering ideas, beliefs, and perspectives of community residents on what issues to address and what solutions to pursue in community-building work. This type of surveying ensures that stakeholders act alongside communities rather than imposing external views to solve local social issues.

Polis Institute’s highly qualified approach has given us an unparalleled success rate in gathering survey responses from city residents. We have a 54% response rate on average for surveys conducted at events and through door-to-door work. Get in touch to learn more about how your work can benefit from surveying that counts.

Equity ROI

Other survey companies don’t put equity into the work of ground survey teams. In contrast, services with Polis Institute place equitable dollars right back into your city. At Polis, we have an inclusive, diverse, equitable, accountable, leadership survey team process.

We recruit, hire, train, and upskill local residents for ground teams. Our surveyors upskill and advance in their careers. The Polis survey training includes hands-on surveyor training. Surveyors also complete Propel Leadership training. And all surveyors get career advancement guidance.

Our IDEAL employment model results in career growth for underrepresented minorities. Your locally based team will deliver high-quality results AND amplify career paths for city residents.

With Polis, your surveys get the highest level of quality results. And you’ll build community trust and equity. 

We’re proud to be the top nonprofit research and engagement institute in the nation that puts economic equity into the service process.

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