What We Do

Real Data. Real Opportunity. Great People

Does your data include what you truly need to design policies, buildings, landscapes, or initiatives that create real and positive change? 

Do you have genuine people data to make equality-based choices that will impact neighborhoods, cities, and regions for generations to come? 

Have you figured out how to harness big data in the service of real people’s voices and critical inputs for maximum positive results? At Polis, we’ve got that covered.

Our Data +IDEAS services give you a range of tools to build a foundation of data-informed decision-making based on authentic inputs from stakeholders.

Polis Institute’s top-level quality service options include high-response community surveys, asset maps, charrettes, developmental evaluations, and interactive dashboards for public and internal uses. 

Discover how our data services can help you build initiatives, places, policies, and even talent pipelines that advance the ultimate IDEA – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility – in ways that actually move the needle. 

Unique in the industry, Polis Institute’s Data services incorporate equity-based talent development that creates a double diversity and inclusion impact for our clients. Our Grow Opportunity Collective means that when you invest in data services at Polis you’re simultaneously investing in equality within your community’s talent pipelines for people of color. Discover more here. 

At Polis, we do more than talk about equality and change. We make it happen.

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